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In consonance with the recommendations of the Bhore Committee and the Planning Commission, the Central Health Education Bureau (C.H.E.B.) was created in the year 1956. The publicity Unit of the Directorate General of Health Services which has existed for several years before, was merged with this newly created institute. The Bureau which started with one unit and few staff members in 1956 grew in size and activities gradually and had seven Divisions with trained technical personnel and one administrative division.

The goals and objectives of the division include educating the people about health plans and programmes, training health professionals, developing and supplying health education/IEC materials, conducting health behavioural research activities, providing technical assistance to government and non-government agencies in the field of health education, developing health education syllabi for different target groups and collaborating with international agencies in promoting health education. CHEB also works with SHEB, WHO, State health directorate, Depts. of education, NCERT, Board of Secondary Education and other national and international agencies in imparting health education.


In order to achieve the goal of developing and promoting health education in the country, the CHEB has the following objectives:-

1. Interpret the plans, programmes and achievements of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

2. Design guide and conduct research in health behaviour, health education processes and aids. 

3. Produce and distribute type health education material in relation to various health problems and programmes.

4. Train key health and community welfare workers in health education and research methods, evolve effective methodology and tools of training.

5. Help schools and teacher training institutes for health education of the school population.

6. Provide guidelines for the organizational set-up and functioning of health education units at the state, district and other levels.

7. Render technical help to official and non-official agencies engaged in health education work and coordinate their programmes.

8. Collaborate with international agencies in promoting health education activities.



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