Who's who


Sr.No Name Designation

Email id

1  Dr Gowri Nambiar Sengupta  DDG (PH) & Director



 Dr. Malti Gautam

 Chief Medical Officer, NFSG  maltigautam[at]ncdc[dot]gov[dot]in
3  Dr. Gian Prakash

Chief Medical Officer


4  Shri. ML Meena  Health Education Officer


5  Dr. Muhammed Shafeeq K  Medical Officer


Administrative Staff

6  Shri. Atul Kumar Singh  Director Admin


7  Shri. Pawan Kumar  Deputy Director (Admin)


8  Shri Anant Ram Yadav  Section Officer



 Shri Sunder Lal

 Consultant (Admin)


10  Shri. Anand Kumar Singh Consultant (Section Officer)


11 Shri. Sanjay Kumar Bhoi

Consultant (Training)


12  Shri Shashi Kant Yadav  Consultant (Social Science)


13  Dr Samiksha Arora  Consultant (Public Health)


14  Dr Deepa Anil Kumar  Consultant (Research)


15  Mrs. Namita Rawat

Consultant (Assistant Section   Officer)


16  Ms Nidhi Paliwal  Consultant (IEC)


17  Shri Shivendra Malik  Consultant(IT)


18  Sh Irsad Anwar  Consultant (Multimedia   Designer)


19  Ms Shivani Bisht  Consultant (Programme   Assistant)


20  Mr. Deepak Kumar  Consultant (Assistant Section   Officer)


21  Mr. Ajay Singh Rawat  Consultant (SSA)


22  Deepak Gogia
 Consultant (SSA)


23  Mr. Vinay Kumar Sharrma  Admin Assistant


24  Mr. Bhikari  Multi Tasking Staff


25  Mr. Jagbir Singh  Multi Tasking Staff


26  Mr. Sahil Aggarwal  Multi Tasking Staff


27  Mr. Sahil Kumar  Multi Tasking Staff





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