Administrative Division

The Administration Division of the Bureau is essentially a Service Division for the other Divisions of the Bureau. It is headed by a Deputy Director (Admin.) .All establishment matters relating to the officers and staff of the Bureau are looked after by this Division. Maintenance and security arrangement of the CHEB building, hostel premises, purchase of stationery and other store items, preparation of annual budget and plan, administrative matters in respect of publications and publicity activities etc., are being looked after by this Division.

Altogether the Administration Division is responsible for the servicing and providing administrative support to all other Divisions of the Bureau.

Functions and Duties of Division of Administrative Division

Preparation of Budget Proposals (Plan and Non-Plan) of CHEB and other related matters like performance budget and Annual Plan etc.

1. Preparation of pay and all other bills in respect of staff members.

2. Drawl and disbursement of salary and other claims of all the staff members.

3. Maintenance of GPF Ledgers of Group D staff.

4. Issue and updating of GPF pass-books.

5. Calculation and collection of IT and issuance of Form-16.

6. Reconciliation of Accounts with PAO.

7. All the Estt. And personal matters (Like appointment ,promotion, ACP, superannuation ,fixation of pay, sanction of advance, processing of personal claims e.g., medical reimbursement etc.

8. Maintenance of Service-books and personal files of all the staff members.

9. All the disciplinary matters.

10. Receipt and distribution of internal Daak(Letters/ Post).

11. Distribution of Health Education Material.

12. Maintenance of office records.

13. Matters relating to vehicles.

14. Matters relating to Audit.

15. Matters relating to CGHS cards.

16. Matters relating to Govt. Accommodation.

17. Court/CAT cases.

18. Official language matters and all periodical returns.

19. Parliament Questions and assurances.

20. Preparation of Telephone Electricity, News papers ,Conveyance and other such bills.

21. Stipend to students.

22. Upkeep, Repair and maintenance of office Premises and Hostel Security.

23. Procurement, storage and Distribution of Stationery and other

24. AMC of all office Equipment and Machinery as also processing of bills thereof.

25. Disposal and condemnation of old stores.

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